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VBScript equivalent to "Synchronize Files/Online" in Windows XP?

I have a Group Policy for my laptop users so their 'My Documents' folder is permanently setup with "Offline Files" enabled.

These are the steps they take when working remotely:

- launch the Cisco VPN client and login
- right-click the blue PC icon in the System Tray and click Synchronize (the PC is now "Online")
- manually launch the login script

I would love to be able to automate the last two steps so that a script can run via Cisco VPN's "Application Launcher" once they login.  As far as I know, the missing link is a command line/script equivalent to force WinXP to Sync the files, thus forcing it into "Online" mode, before the login script and network drives can be properly mapped, etc.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.
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Many thanks for turning me onto an amazing resource.

No problem.
Thank you.

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