Help me understand SQL Server 2005 various iterations

Okay, I know absolutely NOTHING about SQL Server, but mandates by the state of Texas require use of a program that requires SQL Server 2000/2005 Standard Edition. The problem is there are about 4 different flavors...
This will be installed on a Dell Poweredge 4400 server with dual XeonlllEB processors. The server OS is Windows Server 2003 R2. There will be five teachers that will access the mandated software.

My questions are>>> Which version of SQL Server wiould best fit my needs, AND I assume there is licensing involved with SQL server on top of what I have in place for Server 2003 R2. SO I would need one license to install the SQL software, but what about CALs?

Thanks as always!
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Chris MangusDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Standard *is* the edition.  There are also Enterprise, Developer, and Express editions.

For your requirements, it sounds like SQL 2005 Standard Edition would work but it's hard to say because you haven't said much about the usage.  What does the application vendor recommend?

Yes, you will need a license for your SQL Server as well as CAL's for each of your clients.
jojo0508Author Commented:
Wow! Thanks for the quick response! I can use either SQL Server2000 or 2005 Standard or Enterprise Edition. I have decided that 2005 Standard is the way I want to go. I guess I should have used another descriptor, though what I mean is: there is SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 IA64; SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 IA64 1Processor License; SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 Win 32;  SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 Win32 1 Processor License; SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 x64 and SQL Server Standard Edition 2005 x64 1 Processor License... I don't have the faintest Idea, although my gut feeling is that I shouldn't need anything 64bit... the mandated software is 32 bit.

About CALs, do I need device or user CALs or both. If only 5 machines are going to have the software client installed, can anyo
Chris MangusDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If the mandated software is 32 bit then certainly, use it.  Enterprise Edition is likely far more than you need and quite a bit more expensive too.  Per processor licensing is also quite a bit more expensive than per seat licensing.

I mainly use user CALs but if you have 5 computers with varying users on them then device CALs would probably make more sense.

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jojo0508Author Commented:
"Per processor licensing"...I thought that would refer to the number of processors on the server??? And I don't understand why it is so much more expensive. But it sounds like you would advise going with SQL SVR Standard Edition 2005 Win 32, NOT the Win32 1 Processor...

And I appreciate knowing that I have been paying for CALs I didn't need that I purchased with my Server 2003 R2.

I'll up your points for being such a pain.
Chris MangusDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Per processor is more expensive because it allows you unlimited usage without having to buy CALs.
David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Couple of quick general points

 - per processor licencing tends to be cost effective at around 50 seats.

 - dont forget workgroup edition, which is lower functionality than standard edition, so should be slightly cheaper.

jojo0508Author Commented:
Thanks for being here with information I needed in hurry. You have really helped relieve some anxiety over this situation. I'll up the points to 150 when I find the spot to do that! Thanks again...
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