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Exchange Not Creating Emails!

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I have Exchange Server 2003 Standard.  Last weekend the database was corrupt and i had to do a hard repair.  This worked well and everything was restored almost perfect, it was a 20GB Information store so it took about a day.
The only thing i noticed is now when i go to create a user in A/D with a mailbox it says it creates the user and acts like everything is fine, however when i look on th email tab no email ever populates like i used to.
Any ideas on how to make it populate with the email?
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Make sure you set the email addresses in the recipient policy in System Manager
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This will be a problem with the RUS, which is what runs the recipient policies (if it was a wrong email address being added, it would be the policies - because there is no address, it must be RUS)

Follow this to troubleshoot where it is going wrong;




You guys were on the right track, this is what Microsoft emailed me back... I just right clicked on the policies in place and selected rebuild, then update and everything started working again..

see below...
From your email it looks like the Recipient Update service which is responsible for stamping email addresses to the newly created users is not working.

Tommy .as per Microsoft Policy we can work on one issue per case.For the Recipient update services issue you will have to open a new ticket.

As an initial troubleshooting step you can try restarting the System Attendant service and check whether newly created users are stamped with email address.

Also find some good article for troubleshooting Recipient update service issues

Troubleshooting the Recipient Update Service in Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server.

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