Unable to run scheduled agent from server in the same domain

Greetings experts,

I created an agent in database B on server B that opens database A on server A. Of course, when I run it manually I am am able to get to database A (on client on my laptop and on the server B). Server B is listed as a server with manager access in database A on server A. Server B is also in the admin group for database A. The agent in question has the run time security set to "3. Allow restricted operations with full admin. rights". When the agent in database B is scheduled, it stops when trying to open database A on server A. Is there anything else I need to do in order to allow server B to be able to open database A on server A? Address book on server A?

Thank you.
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notesrookieAuthor Commented:
Forgot to include code I am using to get to database A on server A from database B.
Set comparedb = session.GetDatabase("serverA", "databaseA.nsf")
If comparedb.IsOpen Then
	Set compareview = comparedb.GetView("viewA")
	Call agentLog.LogAction("Unable to open " & comparedb.Title & " database")
	Exit Sub
End If

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Which Domino release does your server run?
Who signed the agent, and does that person have access to ServerA?
Are there messages in the Miscellaneous views of both ServerA and ServerB? Must be, they will explain what's wrong. May we see them?

Make sure that Server B is listed as a Trusted Server in Server A's Server document (second tab "Security", at the bottom of the page).  You may need to restart Server A for the change to take effect.
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notesrookieAuthor Commented:
Both servers are running R7.0.1. I signed the agent and I have access to server A.

Error message in log for server A: none
Error message in log for server B: 01/28/2008 09:24:22 AM  AMgr: Agent ('To Do OCI' in 'databaseB.nsf') error message: Database serverA/Domain!!databaseA.nsf has not been opened yet.

The db statement I used to get to database A is "Set comparedb = New NotesDatabase("serverA/Domain", "databaseA.nsf")"

I have listed serverB in the ACL in database A as a server with manager access and the admin role as well.

Would I still need to place serverB in the trusted server field? The server was just rebooted over the weekend.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
AFAIK, the message on server B means: "I can't open that database for you, because one of many reasons". The reasons being (I can't list all):
- there is no connection from serverB to ServerA
- you didn't use the full path of the database on serverA
- the server doesn't have the rights to open the server (see the Security-tab in the serverA Server document)
- the server doesn't have the rights to open the database
- the database is an incomplete replica

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RE: "Would I still need to place serverB in the trusted server field?"

Yes.  You have handled the access at the database level, but not at the server level.
notesrookieAuthor Commented:
I made sure to enable the connection document between serverB and serverA (so thanks for that sjef) and added serverA as a trusted server in serverB's server document (thanks for that Bill-Hanson) and restarted the server.  I am not sure which one worked so I will split the points between you.

It never ceases to amaze how much I learn from you. Thank you so very much.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You're more than welcome!  And I think serverB should be in serverA's Server document on serverA. The other way round seems rather pointless, but who cares: problem solved! Teamwork! :-))
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