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Picturebox in DataGridView

gprodri asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-26
How do I add a picturebox to a cell in a datagridview using vb.net 2005
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Unless your image is stored in your database you're going to struggle to use databinding to populate your datagridview with images. It's simpler to add the images manually using a loop...

We'll assume that you've already populated your datagridview with a dataset. You can add a picturebox to your datagridview and when you populate it will ignore the picturebox. In this instance the name i have given for the picturebox column is DgTestImage

 In the code below i am looping through each row in the dgv and adding a default image. You could choose a different one for each one if you wanted...

Sub AddImages()
        Dim x As Integer
        For x = 0 To (DgTest.Rows.Count - 1) 'Loops through the results
                ' add the image to the datagrid, row by row
                Dim CellImage As New DataGridViewImageCell
                CellImage.Value = Drawing.Image.FromFile(application.startuppath & "\File1.jpg")
                CellImage.ImageLayout = DataGridViewImageCellLayout.Zoom
                DgTest.Rows(x).Cells.Item("DgTestImage") = CellImage
            Catch ex As Exception
                Debug.WriteLine("Image Load Error: " & ex.ToString)
            End Try
    End Sub

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