Wininstall LE discover and vista

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Recieving error message at the "Selecting Target" screen of the wininstall LE 9 discover after inputting data and hitting next on the reference computer.

"Unable to create NAI file! Check permissions and available disk space."

Reference machine and machine with wininstall le installed is vista
Both the packages folder and the wininstall share I have given everyone full control
I have googled with no luck
I have a call into their support but no call back yet
I right clicked and run as admin with no luck

I do recieve another notification screen before "selecting target" screen labeled "WIndows Limitations"

"Certain versions of windows provide limiations on discover's ability to generate a package.
Please note that discover cannot generate a microsoft installer file (msi) on this operating system.  However, discover can generate its own package format  (NAI), which can be converted to the msi file format from within the wininstall console"

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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THis program has not been rewritten for VISTA yet -- it simply will not install, until they update the installer package, and maybe even update the software to work on vista.

"Please note that discover cannot generate a microsoft installer file (msi) on this operating system."

If there is a choice to select the NAI install on running the installer, select that, else you are out of luck for installing it on vista.


I did talk to their support finally and got first person I talked to was new, she didn't know any better when asked if it supports vista.  But, I did get the same response about vista from a "more experienced" tech as scrathcyboy gave.  When I asked them why their readme gives tips on making it work on vista, they stated this is a mistake and will tell development to remove it from the readme.

So I will be getting my money back from attachmate.

Anyone know if there is a software that will work on vista and using snapshots or the like?
thanks for the compliment, yes I am experienced, for sure.  But I have not had much with Vista specific SW because it is only just coming out.  So I am going to give you just the general link to browse for interest --

There is such a huge gamut of snapshot software for vista, you would have to just look through and see what sounds good.  You realize that vista itself has a pretty good snapshot feature, as far as the OS is concerned?  If you are mostly interesting it taking snapshots of system state and application data, it should work -- otherwise a cloning program like ghost will do the same -- write to an image file.  Best luck.

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