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Monitoring share on windows server

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Last Modified: 2013-12-02
Hi, can anyone tell me the best way to monitor a share on windows server 2003.

Is it best to use the auditing or does anyone know of a good 3rd party tool.  The share has about 40 directories in and I would like to monitor access, deletions and moves of individual directories and files.

I know SCE has monitoring facilities, are these any good?

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Someone (dont remember who) used this, http://www.tembria.com/support/help/servermonitor/v5.x/sharedfolderseventmonitor.html and they recommended them highly.

Can't you go on the server and go to the Task manager and see who is connected by Networking or, can you go to the Computer Management and under "Shared Folders" and see who has an active session?


Hi Guys

Thanks for your comments.

I am looking for something that will also log and report, so that if a user moves or deletes a file on a share I can check who it was.  As well as real time monitoring.

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