Perl regular expression issue

file 1 contains:

<td><font ><strong>Type :</strong></font>
                                    <A href="index.cfm?fuseaction=display&Instance=2&ssrid=x37103cc4cf651faff651427678f197d7"><font>Extension1</font></a>


File 2 contains:

                        <A href="index.cfm?fuseaction=display&Instance=2&ssrid=xb3ac14a5bfa034397ebcdbdd043ad05b"><font size='3'>SimpleIdentificationInformation</font></a>


I need to retrieve the Type value "Extension1" and "SimpleIdentificationInformation" from both files. I want just one regular expression. I wrote this one but doesn't return the data right.

$content2 =~ /Type.*\<font.+?\>(.*)\<\/font\>\<\/a\>/s){
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Hm works perfect with the data you gave:

(soory for the noob perl code)

open TEST1, "<page1.txt";
$content1 = "";
while (<TEST1>) {
        $content1 .= $_;
close TEST1;
open TEST2, "<page2.txt";
$content2 = "";
while (<TEST2>) {
        $content2 .= $_;
close TEST2;
$content1 =~ /Type.*\<font[^\>]*\>(.*)\<\/font\>\<\/a\>/s;
print $1;
print "\n";
$content2 =~ /Type.*\<font[^\>]*\>(.*)\<\/font\>\<\/a\>/s;
print $1;
print "\n";

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You could try as regular expression (untested):

saibskAuthor Commented:
nope doesn't work
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