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Office 2007 appointment changes stuck in queue on Exchange 2003

I have been having a problem with Outlook 2007 appointments getting stuck in queue on my Exchange 2003 server. Per the notes left by the previous person who had this job I was told to re-start SMTP service in case this happens. This work around only works for new appointments, not appointments that have been changed and are re-sent. And, I would prefer to find a solution that would resolve issue it too instead of relaying on a work around.

Now the problem being reported by users is whenever they send out an appointment that has been changed to someone outside our domain it is going stuck in queue. I found the e-mail in the queue list with the following information:

"Unable to open the message for delivery"

The msg size is 24kb.

The e-mail addresses that she is trying to send modified appointment are one exchange address and one commercial (road runner) address.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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you have the latest patches and SP2 installed?


Hmmm looks like SP2 for Exchange 2003 has yet to be installed. I will install this soon and lat you know if the issue still exists. Thanks!


As simple as it sounds, doing the updates/SP2 to Exchange and in Outlook 2007 to SP1 the issue appears to be resolved. Thanks!

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