Pain to login with local Vista user after joining a domain

Running Vista Business on my new laptop.  On my old laptop with XP I could pick the domain from a drop down box at login. I used this to login with a local user account when I was out of the office.  The only way I have found to login to a local account with vista is add the PC name as the domain in front of the local user name. e.g. domain\username.
Is there away to get the same login screen as XP where I can pick the local machine in the domain field?
Why doesnt the Vista login screen show local user icons after joining a domain?
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This is a new behavior in vista, the old win2k style logon has been completely removed.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

As already stated, logon window is gone, unfortunately. There is no workaround, only small trick when logging on as local user, type .\username (dot, backslash, username) if you want to log on with local user account. .\ is equivalent for "this computer".


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Useful post. Have a user with a laptop joined to our domain, but he also wanted local access occasionally and typing the host name each time was inconvenient.

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