How do I create a Static MX Address for an another company's email server in my DNS

I've got a customer that we work with who can't receive our emails.  When I do a NSLookup on a customer's domain in our network, it returns the incorrect MX record.  Instead of it returns a MX record of  Their IT admin told me to enter a static MX record to replace what I'm getting back.  I don't know why I have to do that, but if it makes my boss and his boss happy (and communicating) then we'll do it.  But first, I don't know how to do that (please help) and second I don't know why this is a problem in the first place.  I did run a dnsreport on his domain, it passed everything but the "Mail" section (full failure).  It passed the MX section, but not Mail.  Again, not sure and neither is their IT admin.  They are getting email from other sources  because I can mail him from an outside email.
Thanks for your help, Stephen
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In order to do what you're describing, you'd first have to create a forward lookup zone named on your DNS server, then create a host (A) record in that zone for, and finally create an MX record that points to the host record.  That should work, but there are issues:  Your DNS server is not really authoritative for, but once you create that zone, it will think that it is, so any DNS queries for that domain from inside your network are going to go to your server and no further.  Your server will not forward those queries to the server that is actually authoritative for that zone.  This means that if anyone on your network needs to access, you will have to create a host record for it on your server.
A better solution would be for the people on the other end to figure out what's wrong with their DNS, rather than asking you to work around the problem.

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