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File filter priority in Forefront for Exchange

CMES-IT asked
I found the following solution on the MS site for allowing the new Office 2007 file formats through the ForeFront for Exchange system.


It basically says to cofigure your filters in the following order:

Other filters Other filters  
* OPENXML Skip: detect only
*.xml All types Delete: remove contents

My file filters are coming from a predefined list rather than individual file entries.  I can adjust the list entries so they mimic this setup but the single entries and the lists are on different tabs.  I can't determine and/or set the order in which they are applied in relation to each other.

Does anybody know which is applied first?  File lists or single file filter entries?  Is there a way to set their application order or priority in relation to each other?

Mine would need to be applied like this:

Other filters Other filters  (File Filter)
* OPENXML Skip: detect only (File Filter)
MYFilterList All types Delete: remove contents (File List Filter that includes *.xml)

If anybody has a better way to allow Office 2007 files, I'm open to that too.
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Figured this out myself.  

Individual entries are applied before lists.

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