Unable to use more than 3 GB for VPC

I am windows 2003 server 32 installed on a Dell machine with dual proc and 8 gb of RAM.

Will I be able to install VPC and use the additional 4 GB RAM that the server cannot see?
How do I go about doing it?

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brent_caskeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Will I be able to install VPC and use the additional 4 GB RAM that the server cannot see? "

No, you will need to upgrade to Server 2003 Enterprise to see the RAM in the OS. Virtual Server can only see the RAM that the OS sees.
brent_caskeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An alternate solution is to install a standard 64-bit edition. That will see more memory than the 32-bit version (32GB I think)
ASAdminAuthor Commented:
Okies I actually already tried 64 bit, but the vpcs were freezing ,so I re-installed the whole thing and went baack to 32 bit.
So there is no way at all?
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I agree.
If you cannot use x64 - then the only way this can work is, as brent_caskey said, use 32bit Server 2003 Ent.
My recommendation would be to use Vmware ESX Server, and junk Virtual PC (not specifically server software in any case) - and run it in x64 on a 64-bit OS:
Proper link to the above product: http://www.vmware.com/products/vi/esx/
The VPC's were freezing in 64-bit?
Did you download the 64-bit version of Virtual PC?

"So there is no way at all?"
Just the two ways mentioned earlier, upgrade to 64-bit or Enterprise.

Also, as and235100 mentioned, you can try running VMWare.
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