DRM on Windows Media Player 11 not working

Hi Everyone,

I have just purchased a video from brightcove.tv and tried to play it on my computer. It fails and Windows Media player 11 gives me the following message within a popup:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the protected file because a security upgrade is required. Do you want to download the security upgrade?"

I press Yes, and get another popup:

"The file or device you are trying to use requires a component of Windows Media Player to be upgraded.
Click upgrade to download and install the required component."

I click Update and then............... nothing. How annoying.

According to the brightcove website a possible solution is to go to http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/crlupdate/en/crlupdate.html and follow the instructions.  All that happens when clicking Update on this page is in this error:

"An error was encountered during upgrade. If you are still unable to play your content, additional help and support is available on http://support.microsoft.com"

Hell yeah.... how helpful!! :)

Just a bit of extra info surrounding the problem:
I have recently upgraded to WMP 11 without problems.
I have all latest windows updates installed.
This is the first time I have tried to use any DRM WMV file. So, that rules out the most common problem that people have with existing license files when upgrading WMP to 11.

Any help sorting this out would be greatly appreciated,

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acrxxAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah, 1 last thing: I am experiencing this problem on Windows XP
I have recently upgraded to WMP 11 without problems<< Hi I suggest you roll back to WMP 10.
Will simplify things undoubtedly
Several things come into play here, one I believe maybe your problem is that the site does not use WMP 11. WMP11 and IE7 were really designed to run on Vista so while your running xp stick with WMP10 and IE7.

 If you proceed with the installation of the US English version of Windows Media Player  and you do not reside in the United States, your Windows Media Player may be unable to provide access to online stores that you may have subscribed to by using previous versions of the Player.

Uninstalling WMP 11 is 2 reboots.
Disconnect any portable music or video devices that might be attached to your computer.
The reason for the 2 reboots is to ensure that all the services are stopped.

Disconnect any portable music or video devices that might be attached to your computer.

In Category View of Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.
At the top of the list, select the Show updates check box.
In the Windows XP - Software Updates section, click Windows Media Player 11, and then click Change/Remove.
In each of the two confirmation dialog boxes that appear, click OK.
When the rollback process is complete (it might take several minutes to complete), click Restart.

In Category View of Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.
At the top of the list, select the Show updates check box.
In the Windows XP - Software Updates section, click Windows Media Format 11 Runtime, and then click Change/Remove.
If you installed a non-US English version of Windows Media Player 11, the instructions in the dialog boxes that are mentioned in steps 9, 10, and 11 might appear in English.
In the first confirmation dialog box that appears, click OK.
In the second confirmation dialog box that appears, select the Do you want to continue with the rollback? check box, and then click OK.
When the rollback process is complete (it might take several minutes to complete), click Restart.

In Category View of Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove a program.
Click Microsoft User-Mode Driver Frameworks Feature Pack 1.0, and then click Remove.
Follow the instructions that appear in the Software Update Removal Wizard.
 If the Wudf01000 confirmation dialog box appears, click Yes to continue.
 When the software removal process is complete (it might take several minutes to complete), click Finish.
If you remove Windows Media Player 11 and the Windows Media Format 11 Runtime, and then encounter error C00D271D (A problem has occurred in the Digital Rights Management component. Contact Microsoft product support.), you might be able to resolve the problem by installing the Windows Media Format 9.5 Runtime. For information about installing the Runtime, in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, see  Update for Windows Media Digital Rights Management-enabled players.

You might not be able to roll back to a previous version of the Player if the hidden folder $NtUninstallwmp11$ is deleted from your computer.
Some non-Microsoft programs (such as CCleaner) delete this folder in an attempt to remove unwanted files from your computer.
click Windows Media Player 11, and then click Change/Remove.
In each of the two confirmation dialog boxes that appear, click OK.
When the rollback process is complete (it might take several minutes to complete), click Restart.

All the best

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oops should state>while your running xp stick with WMP10 and IE6.
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acrxxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thanks for your advice.
I had only just subscribed to the US service in question and had installed WMP11 and IE7 long before this.
Unfortunately I have already tried uninstalling WMP 11 but (as I was previously experiencing no problems with it and are running XP on a somewhat small harddisk) I had already deleted the uninstall folder in question.
Do you know of any workarounds for this?

Thank you in advance,

Hello Andy
Deleted the uninstall folder for WMP 10?? or WMP 9
I believe it is not possible to delete the actual windows media player,
did you delete this>>hidden folder $NtUninstallwmp10$
if you deleted the folder from program files maybe that is part of your problem.
 The old version cannot be removed from the system as its part of the windows base if I may use that word and also integral to IE browser media player ..
Version 11 is an update and requires the previous version to build onto. If you know what I mean.
Like IE6 is an integral part of windows... IE7 is an update
Try this
 open the add remove programs then add remove windows components, in here is the origianl WMP
But at this point you may have damaged your lisense or DRM etc, the work around would be to fix the previous version, uninstall WMP 11 backup your lisense first to my documents.
Use my guide above to remove wmp 11 for now.,
then go to add remove programs windows components and click on the wmp listed there is there a tick in there click next it may ask you for your windowsxp cd.
Try running a system file checker at start run type in sfc /scannow note the gap.
You will be asked for your xpcd to replace any damaged or corrupted files.

You may need to run a repair re-install to put things back to right.
To do this you will need the COA on the rear of your tower also this will not harm your persoanl files.
 is nicely explained here, something I found recently which had a few new tricks about uninstalling a few programs so that the repair will match the original system I had not thought of since I usually perform a clean install.
How to repair your XP installation

If your not having any problems with WMP 11 stick with it.  re-install once the original WMP is functioning. worth testing if you can access the sites with 10. or 9 I believe the original is
Maybe upgrading to 10 first then 11 will work better.

Some things to think about what your next course of action will be.
one idea before you into that,
If your only problem is playing WMV in WMP11/
Maybe your just missing some codecs simple things first.
test the WMV is okay first play it media player classic<< this player will give you the codecs to play DVD in WMP as well.

do you have windows media encoder installed?
look in start all programs?

You can reinstall it from "%systemdrive%\program files\windows media

acrxxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Yes, the folder I deleted was $NtUninstallwmp10$.

As i can't uninstall WMP 11, does this mean that the repair will fail?

Thanks in advance,

See whether you can restore your PC to a date when your WMP was working.

First uninstall your windows media player 11 and download
Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility and run it may remove any old regestry keys for WMP 11.

just to confirm your steps you tried>> uninstalled the WMP 11 rebooted
and then  Windows Media Format 11 Runtime reboot.

Did you perform these?
If you can't see WMP 11 in the ad remove tick to show updates.
It will not uninstall fully till the runtime is also removed with a reboot.
Try uninstalling and reinstalling WMP 10: Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs, in the left-hand pane click on "Add/Remove Windows Components." Scroll down to Windows Media Player and uncheck it, click the Next  walk thru the wizard to uninstall WMP.
Then go back and tick it, click "Next" repeat the steps using  the wizard again to reinstall it.

or  here  reinstall  >> "%systemdrive%\program files\windows media
player\installer\mpsetupxp.exe" << this is not uninstaller folder
Once you have WMP 10 back then re-install WMP 11 actually I recomend you stick with WMP 10.
I believe WMP 9 comes with XPSP2. Will have to check that.
acrxxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Again, thanks for your suggestions.
I am unsure why, but I do not have any system restore points available for earlier than two days ago. That looks really weird to me, as I remember creating some about half a year ago.

Also, I have already tried to uninstall WMP 11 from the Add/Remove Programs, as well as removing it as a windows component. The uninstall attempt tells me that "the folders required for the rollback have already been uninstalled" and removing it from the windows components does not seem to do much apart from remove all shortcuts to WMP11.

FYI, I tried to play the file on another computer with WMP 11 on XP and that too failed, but on another comp which had WMP 10 on XP and it worked. It looks like the problem really lies solely with Microsoft and not with some sort of file corruption on my computer.

Still, it would be good to find some workaround for this. Have you got any more ideas short of doing a fresh XP install?

Thanks in advance,

acrxxAuthor Commented:
oops... the message read: "the folders required for the rollback have already been deleted"
you dont have to access the add remove windows components area at all to remove WMP 11, just to be clear

>> tried to uninstall WMP 11 from the Add/Remove Programs,<<
>>> as well as removing it as a windows component

Let me reiterate
in  main page of add remove programs TICK to SHOW updates
here originally will be listed WMP 11 and then below again  Windows Media Format 11 Runtime

Once both of these have been removed and rebooted
 open your current windows media player and check which version your running.
Open>> help then > ABOUT.
If it states windows media player 9 or 10
 I suggest you re-install version 10 again and  add some of the codecs packs.
Media player classic and VLC will give you the codecs for all video formats and then should be able to
play in WMP 10.
If you still have problems playing certain file formats are you using IE7? Could be a privacy setting or security settings IE7 is a lot stricter than IE6, I recomend sticking with IE6 using xpsp2.

Try a system file checker
go to start run type in sfc /scannow
Confirm you play the file in either media player classic and or VLC.

A repair re-install is very simple but please provide your system specs first there is certain steps that must be followed otherwise loss of data or access denied to hdd is possible outcome.
You must have the xpsp2 installed  xp prosp2.
I can provide the exact steps if you consider this
With system restore r/click my computer properties system restore is is set to use a certain amount of space?
open settings and check how much hdd space is allocated if it is set to 2% that's good but it wll continually delete any older restore points once this space has been used to update the rstore points.
There is also last known good configuration that worked, you reboot tap F8 a few times in the advanced opitons scroll down to. Last known good etc..

acrxxAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

I have tried to do exactly what you have told me in your second from last post numerous times but he error I get is "the folders required for the rollback have already been uninstalled".

Also, the last known good configuration is too far in the past, and I would lose too much data. It is not so important that I sort out this issue anymore as you gave me a workaround of using another computer with WMP 10 installed on it. I used this computer to remove DRM from the file and then transferred the file back to the comp which is having the problems.

I think Mircrosoft have really messed up yet again. And hopefully they will release an update to rectify this problem some time soon.

Thanks for your help,

acrxxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help and patience.

You are  most welcome Andy  glad to know I assisted in a small way.
not really a solution for you though..
I do agree Microsoft has a lot to answer for.
There is always Linux :)

I had a similar problem and found out: The ...all users/drm folder has all access denied for the local and the domain guest account, access granted for "everyone". There's no use in changing the rights of this folder. But: If - for any reason - your account is an "user account" and a "guest account" at the same time (because the admin allowed every visible right or so :) ) you will not have any access to the DRM folder (because denial of access thru your membership within the "guest" account has higher priority than the grantage thru your user acount. Thus, DRM will not work.

So: Check the user groups you belong to and if you are member of any "guest" group - change that.
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