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Is there a way that I can brighten the screen on a laptop?

Jscott82305 asked
I have a brand new Dell Latitude D620 with 14in LCD screen and I was wondering if anybody knows a way to brighten the display?  I have already done it through the QuickSet and I tried adjusting the contrast in the control panel... I guess what I am asking is there anything external that I could use?
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Hold down the Fn key and press the up button to increase brightness... Fn down decreases brightness.... also, when the laptop isn't plugged, the screen is automatically dimmer, to get it brighter, boot your laptop up, press F2 to go into BIOS, and adjust the brightness there
FYI... in BIOS.... to change the brightness, go down to Video on the left, press enter, then go down to Brightness or Brightness (AC) .. press enter when you get there, and press left or right to decrease or increase brightness


Thanks, I already tried the Fn key, but no luck.  I have it as bright as it gets, but it just doesn't seem good enough.  Also tried it plugged in to AC.
There isn't any way to brighten the screen anymore than the system allows.  You didn't mention going into BIOS... have you gone in there to see if the brightness is set at max?  If you have and the brightness is set as high as it goes, then I'm afraid that's all you can do.  If you don't think it's bright enough then there might be something wrong with it and you should contact Dell.


Thanks for your help, yes I went into the BIOS and adjusted, but it was set to the highest already.  I am not sure what's up with it.  I think it may just be this model because we have about 3 of them and they are all pretty dim.  Thanks again.

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