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Lenovo N200 Laptop : Recovery Partition Inaccebile :: How to restore laptop to factory Defaults ??


I have Lenovo N200 laptop which came with MS Windows Vista Home Premium preloaded and a recovery partition (not cd/dvd). For some reason i installed Win xp by formatting vista-system partition. It rewritten MBR and deleted all Lenovo recovery software/utilitites. I have no longer access to recovery partion though i have made a cd-recovery which only leads me to some windows and at last says recovery options have been removed from this sytem.

This is sure that recovery partition is there and it is still as it is as came (no format, no changes to it yet.)

I want to restore my laptop to orignal state from this recovery partition.

Plz help how to do that. I have no backup-recovery-dvd/cd nor i want to order one from Lenovo.

Any other solution plz.
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you need the recovery CD that comes with the system, that automatically boots finds the recovery partition and recovers the OS to the original setup.  YOu will lose your data made since you bought it though.

If you deleted the recovery files from the hard disk and put XP on it, which often does not run on some of the newer laptops, you are in a royal mess.  WIthout a recovery CD, and with the recovery files deleted from the recovery partition, you won't get the system recovered.

The best you can do is install vista from the CD/DVD that you have, and hope it runs long enough to download all the latest drivers for the laptop from the Lenovo site, and you can install those drivers, which will get you back to functional, but still without recovery utilities.
Some Lenovos come only with a "recovery" partition and the option to create your own recovery disks. If you didn't create thos disks, and your recovery partition isn't accessible anymore (or if you can't run the recovery-disk-creation software), you need a new O/S disk (or the recovery disks from Lenovo).

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