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How can I do an IPCONFIG /RELEASE and RENEW on a Macintosh notebook.

Dennis Miller
How can I do an Ipconfig  /release or renew on a mac powerbook? I have no idea where one might startbto look. I am a MS guy all my life.
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Mac OS 10.3 and Above

Launch the System Preferences applet from the Apple Menu.
Click on the Network icon under the Internet and Network heading.
Make sure your network card is selected in the Show box.
Click Renew DHCP Lease.

Mac OS 10 (Before 10.3)

Launch the System Preferences applet from the Apple Menu.
Click on the Network icon under the Internet and Network heading.
Make sure your network card is selected in the Show box. The IP information will be displayed below.
To release and renew your IP address, select the TCP/IP tab and select Manually from the Configure selection box. Type in the following information: Set the IP address to and the subnet mask to, then click on the Apply Now button.
Select Using DHCP from the Configure selection box and click Apply now. The system should now attempt to get an IP address.

Mac OS 9.x and Earlier:

Click on the Apple menu and select TCP/IP in the Control Panel Folder.
When the TCP/IP control panel opens, select your network card from the Connect Via box. Your IP information will appear below the selection box.
To refresh your DHCP settings, select Manually in the Configure selection box. For your IP address enter and under subnet mask enter
Close the control panel and click Save when prompted.
Reopen the control panel (follow steps 1 and 2) and this time select Using DHCP Server in the Configure selection box.
Close the window and click Save.
Or just switch from DHCP to BootP and back again.
the problem with the above advice while it may suffice to clear up your issue is that OS X  really does a rebind at the gui level using the above info not a true release renew. Is this machine running a standalone os or is it running server software? Either way it might be worth it to go into terminal and do a release/renew. I think it is sudo ipconfig set en0 BOOTP  or you could try sudo ifconfig eno down ; sudo ifconfig esudo ipconfig en0 BOOTP n1 up
If it is  running server than this would be a must. Also it is any apps that are running slow or only web based ones or dependent ones. Is there a netboot server involved? I seem to remember that you can also reset the print server ip from terminal as well using similar commands except it would be en(whatever number the print server is). That I would have to relook at to be sure though

I borrowed the following from http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20030212063233111
"The ipconfig set en BOOTP causes OS X to release the address; then ipconfig set en DHCP causes OS X to attempt to get a new address. On some networks, the behavior will basically be the same, but depending on the topology and what\'s going on, you could get very different results doing a RELEASE/NEW LEASE versus a true RENEW.

On the GUI version, OS X has a bug in its behavior where its RENEW is actually a REBIND. Again, this is probably going to get you the same results on many networks, but it\'s not a real RENEW. The difference between a RENEW and a REBIND is that a RENEW is a directed unicast to the original server that gave you the address asking for an extension on the list; a REBIND is a broadcast that you do after you don\'t get an answer on your RENEW (T1 has expired, and T2 has expired). " 

I  any case I think it could not hurt to do a complete release below the gui level and then reset its new adress

o, by the way, if it is wireless connection , it would be en1 instead of en0  as en0 would be your ethernet port while en1 would likely be your wireless port .perhaps before you reboot the modem you could run  ipconfig getifaddr en0 0r en1 as the case may be and see if it is selfassigning  a nonworking ip


I thank you all. I believe you all gave me something I never knew. I am not a MAC guy, but if I keep hearing what I here you never know. Just kidding, it earns my living. I willaward all points equally as you all made a difference and I thank you much. Thanks again.


Thanks again. Great answers.