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How to flush cached workstation credentials in Windows XP on a SBS2003 Domain?

I have had two different computers on two different networks, one running Small Business Server 2003 and the other running Server 2003 Standard.

Both computers are running XP Pro SP2.  Both have the same issue where changing the password on the server does not allow the workstation to log in because the workstation is using cached credentials.

Both computers are online and connected to the network.
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You can reset the machine account password by following this KB:

If you are talking about the users account, you will need to log into the client with the new user password - may require a reboot. Also, make sure that you have the DNS settings correct on the workstations (pointing to the local DNS server).
reset the computer account in AD....

the esiest way to do this is to sign on to the workstation as local admin....  then change from domain membership to workgroup... it will ask you to reboot... you don't have to.  Go back in to the computer name page and change the membership back to the domain.  If the computer can't contact the domain, check your DNS settings.
let the computer reboot once you change back to the domain...
also resetting the account from the DC will not help due to the nature of your issue.
for cached user passwords, not system passwords, go to:

control pannel>>Users accounts>>manage passwords (button)

There you can delete all passwords that are saved on the XP machine.

You can turn off the caching altogether (registry).  Note, if you do this, they won't be able to login to their domain profile if the domain controller cannot be reached...


A setting of 0 will not cache any credentials.

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