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Outlook 2007 message rules not working

leemingd asked
I have a fresh installation of Outlook 2007 on a new laptop with Vista Business. I set up my POP account Outlook and then copied my old 2003 pst data file overwriting the Outlook.pst file created when I set the account up. All mail and folders appear OK.

However, message rules are not working. I have tried deleting them all and setting them up again, running "Run rules now" but nothing - it simply does not work! I can't go wrong with a simple rule like below:

- Run after message arrives
- To all messages with "ABC": in the subject line
- Move to specified folder "Folder X"

I tried with "Stop processing rules as well, but nothing works. The rules are just ignored. Running "now" on all messages in the Inbox just doesn't work either. ANother example of extreme frustration caused by highly commonly needed functions on MS products with obscure technical solutions.
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Starts Outlook and deletes client- and server-based rules.

it may be a problem with the server rules which you cnat change on the client.

Right click on message and Create Rule