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How do you reset winsoks?

cannot get winsock to reset.
Tried Netsh winsock reset I am still receiving the same error code IPMONTR.DLL 11003
Any help will be appreciated

Thank You
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IPMONTR.DLL is part of the RRAS.... Might suggest disabling the service if not needed, and reboot. Then retry the netsh winsock reset command, and reboot again.....

If that doesnt work, I would look to replacing that file, with a known good copy....

Extract a copy from the CD, or I386 directory.
If the CDRom is D....

expand d:\i386\ipmontr.dl_ c:\windows\system32\ipmontr.dll

If the PC boots up in Safe Mode....

I would start with the System File Checker...


sfc /purgecache

You WILL need the XP CD for this to complete...

Scannow sfc

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