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Repair NT 4.0 Workstation SP6

ArkAdmin asked
I have an NT 4.0 Workstation SP6 installation that is corrupted. The system hangs at the blue NT boot up screen after showing a few dots. The motherboard is actually embedded in a 2004 kyocera copy machine with a PCI riser card that runs the copier. It is important to salvage the OS installation if possible so that I don't lose the drivers for the daughter card and the other installed utilities that run the copier. I have already cloned the drive just in case the repair is not successful.
The drive is recognized by the BIOS and can also be viewed and copied from explorer on another workstation.
The Last Known Good Config does seem to help.
The F8 VGA mode does not seem to be available.
The Repair process from the NT4 cdrom says that it does not see an NT4 installation to repair.
The Reinstallation process says that the partition is corrupted and must be reformatted.

Do I have any other options?
Thanks in advance.

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Correction: The last known good config does NOT seem to help.
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Something of a shot in the dark, but if you have a cloned drive, make another copy, install that drive, and see if you can do a reinstall... - but be warned - NT4 didn't like installing itself on top of an already SP-applied install.


i just finished trying that. It forced me to delete the partition since it apparently had the same corrupted file.
I'm going to follow this idea up though because the second partition on the original drive has a lot of setup.exe files and drivers and utilities that were probably used when the system was originally configured in the factory. I'm hoping that one of these will allow me to install the riser card.

Incidentally, one of the these setup programs requires IIS to be installed. Is that something that can be installed on NT4?

I'm still hoping that someone can help me repair the original disk however. Is there no way to repair the MBR on a disk that is otherwise ok? I'm just guessing that the problem is the MBR. I have seen MBR editors like the one on the Ultimate Boot Disk.


The hard drive is installed in a Kyocera KM-P4845W printer. The printer dealer has provided an IMG of the hard drive that I can ghost back onto the hard drive.
Hopefully this fixes the problem.
Thanks all.