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Send/Receive permission denied?

snyderkv asked
No permissions to manually send/receive in my Outlook 2003 Client
The network runs on Exchange 2003 in Native Mode

Everone else can send receive with all the same group membership, store exc

I added full control to myself in the mailbox rights and the AD rights on my account as well as SELF

Any ideas
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Can you run in online mode?
What sync error do you receive when pressing F9 to sync?


Its on Online mode already Not cached either

F9 says "You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation"

No even log entries

I even disconnected the mailbox and reconnected it then moved it to a different store. Before all that I went ahead and recreated the profile and received the same error. I'm going to log onto a different machine and try it. That should tell me if the issue is local or on the server.


That was strange. I fixed it by reinstalling office without Office Service Pack 3


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