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Is there a way to evaluate a string as code?

I have a class with properties like this:


I want to be able to pass a string to some method that evaluates the string input as code. Currently my method looks like this:

DoSomething(string selection)
    switch (section)
        case "A":
            return SomeClass.PropertyA;
        case "B":
            return SomeClass.PropertyB;
        case "C":
            return SomeClass.PropertyC;

What I'm hoping to do is something like this:
DoSomething(string selection)
       return SomeClass.Property + selection;  //passing "A" would return SomeClass.PropertyA

Obviously this won't work, but I was trying to illustrate my intention. Is something like this possible?
1 Solution
I don't think there is an easier way to do that other than the way you already using now!
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
you can do this with reflection, like:

public class SomeClass
   public object DoSomething(string selection)   // return type object, or change to a common type
          PropertyInfo p = typeof(this).GetProperty("Property"+selection);  // change prefix "Property" if desired
          return p.GetValue(this, null);

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