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Plesk 8.2 - New Domain Created Email Doesnt Work

I have a new Plesk 8.2 server, setup a domain on it and the website is working properly, however when I use http://webmail.domainname.com, I login, and cant send or reply to any emails.

I get the error: There was an error sending your message: unable to add recipient [<email address>]: Invalid response code received from server.

I believe it is using horde as the address in internet explorer is http://webmail.domainname.com/horde/imp/compose.php

I'm not sure what to do as I dont have much experience with Plesk/Horde.
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I think the email address you created is not configured to allow relay, check it.


Relaying is selected as 'closed'

and I have and the servers external addresses in the 'use no relay restrictions for the following networks'

change relaying to
select authentication is required and select smtp option
also add your ip with mask 24 to ip list


My hosting company fixed the issue - looks like if you are sending to a domain hosted on the same server and have the 'mail' feature turned on - it messes with being able to send mail to the domain. They Disabled mail for the domain, and it started working fine!

then how will you set up mails accounts for your domain then if it is disabled
The initial problem was I am hosing a domain name with email; and a website for a domain name with Exchange hosted elsewhere.

When sending from the domain name that had email hosted to the Exchange hosted domain, I got the error.

Disabling the email service for the Exchange hosted domain name fixed this issue.

Closed, 250 points refunded.
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