Tighten Laptop Lid

The lid has developed "play" fore and aft.   It is easily "flopped" around at the slightest touch.   I am looking for a way to tighten the lid.
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rubber band?
Hinges are often screwed to the base and lid. Screw heads often hidden under small, round sticky plastic covers. Remove covers, tighten all screws you can find in the vicinity of the hinges (in fact, you can just as well tighten all screws you find, just don't bee too heavy-handed...). You'll probably need a small phillips screwdriver.

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The hinges probably need to be replaced if its a pronounced flop.
Here is the service manual for your laptop, check under DISPLAY for info on getting to the Hinges.

If tyou need new hinges they can be very cheap on Ebay
Forced accept.

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