Wireless Dial-up Network

What hardware is needed to set up a home network to share a dial-up Internet connection between a desktop and a laptop, and the laptop uses a wireless dial-up connection?
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stuknhawaiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, then you could use XP's ICS (Internet Connection Sharing):
Then for the wireless part, the easiest way/most efficient way, would be to just get a wireless adapter for your desktop. Then configure an AD-HOC (peer to peer) wireless network between your laptop and desktop.
Can you define "wireless dial-up connection"? Dial up requires a wire....??? Do you mean the desktop has a dial-up connection and you want the wireless laptop to be able to share this dial-up connection?
dlausengAuthor Commented:
Yes, stuknhawaii, that is what I'm trying to accomplish.
dlausengAuthor Commented:
Thank you, stuknhawaii.
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