Geting '409 conflict' when trying to delete a recurring entry in Outlook 2003 Calendar

Using OWA we are getting an error when trying to delete a recurring entry in Outlook 2003.  The error is '409 conflict'.  How do we fix this?

Jo Ann
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ikm7176Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
From the link -->

"409 - Conflict
The URL is messed-up and/or not formatted correctly for the verb.  

a.If foreign characters or special characters are in the URL, the URL may need to be URL encoded in order to work properly.

If you have colons or other special characters in the path:

b.The 409 errors may be coming from the parent level directories not existing.  

So, if the following folder does not exist&


&when creating MyFolder to have a folder of&


&you will get a 409 error.  Note that a 405 error would indicate that the folder was already created (405 basically means not allowed  check the response for details).

c. If the URL is not correct for the verb being used, it may fail with this error.  An example of this would be doing a PUT to the URL of the folder - without specifying a file.

d. For troubleshooting, Id suggest doing a GET on the URL.  (Be sure to use a header of translate set to f.  If this fails, verify that the message exists by using OWA.  If OWA works with that message URL, then try URL encoding the URL when doing the GET.  You should also consider using Exchange Explorer for testing the URL."

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jab56Author Commented:
Not sure how to test the URL, but this is only happening on about 4 users computers.  Do you think it might be something with their IE?

Jo Ann
jab56Author Commented:
I needed more info and never got it.
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