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What technology should be used to build desktop application

hi all,
We want to build an offline desktop application. I have no clue as where to start.

The application will need to accept user entry data, store it on the local machine and display data that is stored in a locally(on the client machine).

The application will be used by Sales reps.

1. They would go to their clients
2. They would create a new entry for every client that they go to using this application.
3. They would ask a series of questions from a question set to the clients. The answers are either yes or no
4. The results will need to be stored locally on the sales rep machine.
5. Based on the points scored in the survey/question list, it will generate certain possible answers

All this will have be to be handled offline without an internet connection. The application is currently scoped to be built on a PC. We can decide what technology we need to use.

What is a good technology to build an application like this? Are there off the shelf products that can help facilitate a build like this?

Any concrete leads will helpful.

Tx in advance

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I think you can use Visual Basic or .NET to build a desktop application with MS Access as storage for storing the data.
anyoneisSoftware Developer
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If you aren't hung up on building it, there is a survey package called DatStat Illume which will give you the ability to create a set of surveys, and then "take" them either online or offline. It handles the uploading for you too.

you can pretty much go with whatever you want. i believe vb/c# .net to be the most intuitive and powerful tools for building applications. you can use anything for your datastorage including a txt file or excel sheet or mIcrosoft Access Db (as mentioned before) all the way to something like mysql.

if you want someone to do it for you:
there are some experts here that you can hire privately... look at profiles they state where they can be contacted for private contracts. you can also go to sites like...

good luck and let us know if you need further assistance
if you want destop application for windows you can use .net, delphi (dont use java for desktop application). if you want to web-base application then use java which is platform independent.

and as db you can you mysql, postgresql.
I would suggest VB6, and an Access DB via ADO.
VB6 is suitable for such a simple application and has tons of easy to understand code on the internet.
I would suggest Access for the backend, as it would be easy to manualy check the data during development and if you ever have an issue with the application.

postgresql and mySQL or even SQL Server are all nice choices for a central solution, but not really for a local one.  

If you do not own Access and/or Visual Basic 6 - I would suggest SQL Server 2005 Express & Visual Basic 2005 Express.  These are both available for FREE and would be suitable for a job such as this.  
As p_davis said above, you can pretty much use any tool. If you are focusing on windoes systems, then MS tools are great. If you need to go multiplatform (i.e. linux) then C++ would be nice, although coding may take longer than with a typical Visual tool. You can find visual open source multiplatform tools, too. It all depends on the level of knowledge you have and what language are you most comfortable with.

Personally, I would go with VB6 (because doesn't need the HUGE .Net framework installed, and also because it works in older 9x/me systems), and the powerful SQLite as the backend database engine. There are many VB wrappers for sqlitefreely available; I personally prefer the NewObjects ActivexPack.

Well, I hope that helps you make up your mind.




Tx much for the leads. We are hiring a vendor to do this job. But we wanted to find out as to how we would go about doing something like this. In case the vendor is taking us ina  different direction.

Tx again


Best of luck

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