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WiFi and Hotspot management tool

I would like my public wireless network to allow anyone to connect to it, but when you open your browser it should load a page that I can control the content, and have a login prompt.  The internet access would be free, but I want authentication to control access.  I am used to seeing this kind of system at hospitals etc. Is it a feature of my WiFi router, or something I could load on my server?
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may be you can install squid proxy on your server and enable authentication on it.

BTW, which server Operating System you are using?
What do you have for a router?  I know that the dd-wrt routers are capable of running chilispot and have a hotspot function.  We setup a hotspot similar to that with a wrt54gl once.
Check this out...it's cool...and free...OPEN SOURCE is rockin' the WiFI Hot SPot world !!!!
This "Public IP" is a Linux Live distribution that can run on an old box that does just what you're asking for......and with no further adue... :
Enjoy !!!!
What'dya think of the "Public IP"? Cool huh?


I love the concept of stuknhawaii's response so I downloaded the Zone CD.  Cant wait to try it out Monday. Did you actually set it up and test it yourself? Paul
Not yet, I'm going to deploy it this week in a lab environment to check it out.


I have not had any initial luck with Zone CD, but I LOVE what I read about it.  The features are JUST what I am looking for.  Stay tuned for more updates as they come.
canali - thank you for your post also. I will investigate them.
Forced accept.

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