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Missing or corrupted Generic Volume Driver

I'm having a major issue with Windows Vista Business.  Whenever I plug in any USB mass storage device, I get the error that the system needs to install a driver.  I scans and searches and comes up with an error, asking me if I want it locate manually or what for a driver.  I tell it to search my hard drive, looking in the C:\Windows\System32 directory and after it churns for awhile, I get the dialog as shown in the attached photo.

I've googled the heck out of this but can not seem to find an answer or locate the driver in question.

Any ideas?
Deleted by kodiakbear, 500 points refunded. - 1/26/2008 12:46:27 PM
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Problem fixed.

Resolution:  Removing volume.inf and volume.PNF from C:\Windows\Inf and replacing with files in C:\Windows\System32\DriverRepository.  Also replaced volsnap.sys in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers from same directory and rebooted.  Suffered BSD on reboot.  Rebnooted, everything normal.  Inserted USB Flash Drive, unknown device shows up in Device Manager. Tell system to search C:\Windows\System32 with SubFolders checked and it is now able to find and install Generic Volume Driver.  Had to do this for every flash drive and USB Mass Storage device I own, Imation Drives, AData flash drive, Geek Squad Drive, Tom Tom 720 GPS Device, HP PSC2355 Printer Card Reader addon, etc, etc, etc.

But, in the long run I can now see and access all of my devices.

Wonderful thing, Windows Vista................................... NOT!