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Mouseover effects on the built-in ASP.NET 2005 calendar control?

arthurh88 asked
Using the calendar control, how can I modify individual day displays on mouseover?   For example, when viewing a month, as you move your mouse over different days, it changes the background color and font of that particular day
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I use Visual Studio Web Developer, it pretty much shows you all the properties for the controls. I could not find any properties that would allow a mouseover event. I don't know if there is another way but at least it seems not but what is given by default.


do you know of a quality free calendar control for use with .net 2.0 that does allow them?  I've seen lots of date pickers on the web that have this functionality.
I haven't looked in a while. Most of them are javascript based, that are free. Usually have to pay for the asp.net calendars, if you scour the Internet enough you might find one, or maybe post the question again and start a new thread.


yea i think you are right.  i found the ajax calendar for .net, and it does everything, with the effects.   thanks for your help

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