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when trying to copy music from a cd to the music file  i get an error message that the drive is full .

when trying to copy a cd to music library i get an error message that the disk is full.
I am using an iomega 140 gig drive and only 70 gig is used . ican copy file to the drive using windows . but not using itunes . it has work perfectly for many months and I have just started getting this message .
the music folder on the hards drive is arrond 65gig .
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Check that there is no duplidates in the library. If using iTunes to import there maybe some corruption in the iTunes library files and switching from windows to copy and then iTunes maybe iTunes is reading the drive contents incorrectly.
 Or windows is reading it incorrectly. Probably best to backup the drive
 then format it.
When copying a CD are you converting them to mp3 first?
Most cd have cda format which is different from Mp3 sizes.

Here is a brief idea similar problem but not the same however shows how to get full use of your iomega drive

Check where iTunes is trying to copy the music to. It usually uses the C drive as the default, but you can change this.
Go to Edit / Preferences /Advanced / General.
Here you can see the default copy folder that iTunes uses. There's a 'Change' folder button next to this, so you can change the default to another drive. I would also try ticking "Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library."

mikenorm, do you still require assistance
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