Wait Event: resmgr:cpu quantum

Database; Oracle 10G R2
I check the weekend windows group in the resource manager it was scheduled to run on saturday i changed it to run on thursday and still the activity screen in performace tab of enterprise manager show high activity in the scheduler group.

I saw that no job is running but still it shows high activity for scheduler
Wait Event: resmgr:cpu quantum is too high today and the system is getting slow what can i do to stop this scheduler wait event.

Please advice
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sonicefuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sonicefuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The resmgr: cpu quantum wait event occurs when a process is waiting to be scheduled by Resource

A high number of occurrences of this event under load does not indicate performance degradation. It is
analogous to counting time spent on the OS queue.

Other wait events may indicate problems that would affect Resource Manager adherence to the plan

what is the output of the following query

select consumer_group_name, cpu_wait_time,
consumed_cpu_time from v$rsrcmgrmetric_history

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imran_fastAuthor Commented:

using below code i close the window which was active.
         window_name => 'WEEKEND_WINDOW'

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sonicefuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
good, imran

you are really fast !

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