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Cannot turn option strict OFF...any guesses would be appreciated.

rgn2121 asked
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Last Modified: 2008-01-29
Okay...not sure there will be a solution to this other than something weird happened with the files for this app, but here goes.

After installing .Net 2005, I went and changed different things to set the environment up like I like, one of which is to turn option strict ON.  I was recently working on an app and everything seemed fine.  Well, I stopped for a little to work on a different app and I copied some of the code over from the previous app because I was doing a lot of similar things...just different variable names and such.  

Anyway, some of the code that worked fine in the first app, gave me option strict errors in my new app.  I checked to make sure that option strict was on and it was and still is.  So, I wanted to try turning it off and then back on, but I can't.  I can go to Tools>options and change it to off, but the errors remain.  I also tried going into Application.Designer and tried to change it there, but that doesn't work either.

Maybe when a new app is started, if option strict is ON, then it is on for the life of the app?  I can get around it, but I am having to do things that I didn't have to do in the previous app, just to get what is essentially the same code to work.

Any thoughts?
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The Tools Options is the defaults for new projects. Right click your project and select properties to change settings for your current project. Or add a line at the top of your code files:
Option Strict Off
Project Properties - Then in the Compile sectino you will find Option strict et.c

As vb_jonas said, sounds like you've changed it for the project you were working on, but you want to change the default. Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VB Defaults is where you want to look.


Okay...I will look at it when I get back to work...I will let you know what I find.

Thanks for the quick responses.


First off thanks for the help.  I think I know what happened.  I didn't realize that the tools>Options only changed it for new projects and since I started the other project before going to option strict ON, the project was still set to off.  So, when I started the new project, it took my settings of option strict ON.

Thanks for the help guys...Learn something new everday.

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