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Setting up wireless network

Hi, I have a wireless network from a long time ago and I have't been using it for a long time, I forgot the passcode web key and also forgot the network name, and there are about 21 wireless network within the reach.  

So I tried to go in to the rounter to see this but I also forgot the password to the router.  So I reset the router to it's default setting.  Go in there, set my router up and set a new web key up.  But when I go and connect to my wireless, it keeps on staying at the stage where it said acquiring network address and eventually say not connected.  I have make sure that everything is right but I don't know what else to look for.  Before, I can connect a cable to my computer directly from the router and use the internet butnow I can't.  
My question is, do i need to configure my dsl into the router.  I have Quest DSL, the dsl modem is ACTIONTEC (GT701R) and the router is a Linksys (GRT54GS V4).  

I'm at a friend using their internet, please get back with me quickly.

Oh yeah, I use windows xp professional.  I also change the wireless security from WAP to wep, i don't know if that will make a different.

thank you
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The message you get is mostly caused by entering wrong WEP key on the computer. Go to the advanced settings and remove the SSID name from the list of wireless netwoks. When you connect to the network again you will be prompt for the WEP key again.

Have you checked that DHCP is activated on the router? Irrespective if you have configured DSL into the router, you should bee connected to the wirleless network without any problems.
I fast way to test if the DSL modem got all customer info configured, is too connect the computer directly too the modem. If the modem provide you a IP adress and you can surf the internett you don't have to set up anything on your wireless router.
In my opinion the most stable way to configure the wireless router, is to disable DHCP and not use the WAN port (LAN instead). Then the router will act as a access point and the  DSL modem will provide you the IP adress. This wil also prevent dobbel NAT.

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