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I recently purchased a macBook (Jan 08) and am needing to install Windows (XP or Vista) using Boot Camp.  The mac OS is Leopard.  I have read the pros and cons of FAT32 vs NTFS and it appears that NTFS will be sufficient for my needs and consistent with the file systems of the other PCs that I own.  However, I would like clarification on a few items before I begin:

1.  The macBook can read NTFS but cannot write to NTFS.
2.  I've read an easy way to solve read and write between the systems through a flash drive or something similar.  Question is, are flash drives formatted as FAT32 or NTFS or is that specific to hard drives?
3.  If I use the NTFS for windows, how can I incorporate the use of NTFS-3g to be able to share files across partitions?

I apologize in advance if my file system terminology is not quite accurate - I am still trying to get my hands around how partitioning works.

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1.  To the best of my knowledge this is correct. (Excluding third-party extensions)
2.  Flash drives are formatted in the same way hard drives are - you have the
3.  I believe that you can use NTFS-3g but I don't know how.  I was going to have a look but it seems the site is unavailable at he moment.
Here is a full discussion of the issue with links to NTFS drivers:

One thought relative to to the choice of ntfs. The only real difference is the 4gb file size limit on fat32. So if you are not going to be making big video files or zipped archive files on your xp partition then maybe fat32 is the better choice. It is readable by all other windows OS/s. Flash drives indeed may be formatted to your liking and even partitioned
http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/how-to-read-and-write-ntfs-windows-partition-on-mac-os-x.html macfuse makes a beta-ish plugin that is claiming success at getting by apples read only design.

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