Blacklist conflict files

Greetings Experts,

Please let me know if some one knows about  "black list conflict files"? We were working with the support department and they claim that someone has removed the blacklist conflict files few years back. Nobody in my team has any idea about these files.

Any help/information regarding these files would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Managing blacklists is documented in

However, your support department appear to be looking at the the wrong way around. If the blacklist files have been cleared, the Domain should try to enable all its configured components.  Please ask them to re-check the configuration and the POST messages from when the Domain was booted
On Sun high-end partitionable systems the Domain (partition) controller uses a "blacklist" for faulty or suspected faulty components, e.g. memory or CPUS so that, when the Domain using that component is booted, the component is disabled without even attempting to test it.  This improves system stability in case of intermittent faults.

The blacklist files are held on the Domain controller and are not accessible from the individual Domains. Only sysadmins would have access to the Domain controller.

Does this sound like the scenario you are describing?
There's another way Sun use "blacklists" for a completely different purpose - to blacklist certain patches that you never want applied to your system when you install the latest patch cluster or "baseline".

Again, only sysadmins should have access to those files.
casemanagerAuthor Commented:
Hi tfewster,

Thanks for your comments. Recently we had a problem with a domain created on the E10K System Service Processor. The domain should show 8 processors but is is showing only 4 in the prtdiag information box.

The support department suspects that there could be a problem with one of the system boards or with the processor but to confirm they need access to the blacklist conflict files. (1st scenario in your comments). Please let me know the location (path ) of these files and if they are deleted ( as they claim) is there any way in which we can retrive those files.


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