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can u specify a good message archiving system which can integrate with microsoft exchange 2003 server so as to reduce the problem of mail quota.
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Why not take a look at Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007 Partners: Back-up and Archive


For ease of use and quick response I like the offerings from one of the listed partners, NetAPP...this is pretty "high end" stuff...not sure what the scope is for your requirement or what you already have!


If you want more specific information you should state whether you just want some software to run to archive data or if you want an actual hardware system with capabilities geared toward Exchange.  You say "system" but you could probably even use Public Folders for archiving since they do not suffer from the same size limitations as "Standard" Exchange databases.

If you just want to get data out of the information store and have available disk space then you could easily set Exmerge to implement whatever policy you choose and which users you apply it to.  I highly recommend learning about Exmerge if you have not already as it is helpful for more than just archiving and it is free:

Also check out Sunbelt's Exchange Archiver.  While I don't have this product (or any archiving solution as yet), I do have their Ninja product and have found it to be solid. When the time comes for me to look into solutions, I will definitely check them out.


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