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Dreamweaver: How to Return to Classic Desktop View

Jerry L
Jerry L asked
I opened Dreamweaver one time in the configuration that has all the application element windows separate and floating.  I'd like to know how to return to the classic configuration where the application element windows are all in one fixed location.
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Try Window > Workspace Layout > code, or designer.
Jerry LOperations Manager


Thanks v2Media.  Your suggestion was not correct, however, it did give me some ideas.  I opened the help window and searched for "Layout".  The correct term is "Workspace Layout," it turns out.  Then I viewed the selection: "A First Look at the Dreamweaver Workspace"

Here's the Solution

Choosing a Workspace Layout (Windows only)

In Windows, the first time you start Dreamweaver, a dialog box appears that lets you choose a workspace layout. If you change your mind later, you can switch to a different workspace using the Preferences dialog box.

A First Look at the Dreamweaver Workspace 
In Windows, Dreamweaver MX provides two workspace layouts to choose between: an all-in-one-window integrated layout and a floating layout much like that of Dreamweaver 4. 
On the Macintosh, only the floating layout is available. 

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Jerry LOperations Manager


Thank you for adding your suggestion to my question.  For some reason, my Help menu was not working earlier.  I may have to do a re-install.  I am unable to get Dreamweaver to display the Code view at all.  I'll be posting another question for that in just a bit.

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