need help with adox.catalog using script for creating db, tables and columns

hello, below is what I have so far, it creates db if it doesn't exist and also creates the tables if they don't exist so that part works.

it doesn't create the column names, but there also is no error... so I don't know how to add the columns in there to an existing table, could someone please correct my code?

the n.fileexists is equivalent to fso stuff, so you can just ignore it. those parts work without problem, it's the adding of columns to the table already in db I can't get to work

function createdb(sDatabaseName)
sDatabaseName = CURRENT_DIRECTORY & "\root.mdb"
if not n.fileexists(sDatabaseName) then 
		Dim catNewDB ' As ADOX.Catalog
		Set catNewDB = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Catalog")
		catNewDB.Create "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sDatabaseName & ";Jet OLEDB:Engine Type=5;"
		' Engine Type=5 = Access 2000 Database
		' Engine Type=4 = Access 97 Database
		Set catNewDB = Nothing
end if
Dim objADOXDatabase
Set objADOXDatabase = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Catalog")
objADOXDatabase.ActiveConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sDatabaseName
Dim objTable, objColumn
For Each objTable in objADOXDatabase.Tables
  If objTable.Type = "TABLE" then 
    Response.Write objTable.Name & "<br>"
	  tablesstr = tablesstr & "|" & objTable.Name & "|"
    For Each objColumn in objTable.Columns
      Response.Write "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;" & objColumn.Name & "<br>"
	  columnstr = columnstr & "|" & objTable.Name & ":" & objColumn.Name & "|" 
  End If
Set objADOXDatabase = Nothing
dbcolumns = "configuration|ID|3|True|1|1*configuration|item|202|False|2|0*configuration|itemstr|202|False|2|0*configguration|ID|3|True|1|1*configguration|item|202|False|2|0"
dbcolumnsarray = split(dbcolumns,"*")
		Dim catDB ' As ADOX.Catalog
		Set catDB = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Catalog")
		' Open the catalog
		catDB.ActiveConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sDatabaseName
		Dim tblNew ' As ADOX.Table
		Dim col ' As ADOX.Column
response.write tablesstr & "<BR>"
for x = 0 to ubound(dbcolumnsarray)
tmparr = split(dbcolumnsarray(x),"|")
response.write tmparr(0) & "|" & "<BR>"
		if instr(tablesstr, "|" & tmparr(0) & "|") = 0 then
		Set tblNew = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Table") 
		tblNew.Name = tmparr(0) 
		on error resume next
		catDB.Tables.Append tblNew
		on error goto 0
		Set tblNew = Nothing
		end if
response.write columnstr & "<BR>"
for x = 0 to ubound(dbcolumnsarray)
tmparr = split(dbcolumnsarray(x),"|")
if instr(columnstr, "|" & tmparr(0) & ":" & tmparr(1) & "|") = 0 then
		Set tblNew = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Table") 
		tblNew.Name = tmparr(0) 
		Set col = Server.CreateObject("ADOX.Column")
			col.ParentCatalog = catDB
			col.Name = tmparr(1)
			col.Type = int(tmparr(2))'adInteger
			if tmparr(3) = "True" then col.Properties("Autoincrement") = True
			col.Attributes = int(tmparr(4))'1 default 2 nullable
		tblNew.Columns.Append col
		if int(tmparr(5)) = 1 then tblNew.Keys.Append "PrimaryKey", 1, tmparr(1)
		Set col = Nothing
		Set tblNew = Nothing
response.write "column added " & tmparr(1) & "<br>"
end if
'response.write columnstr & "--------" & tmparr(0) & "|" & tmparr(1) & ":" & "<br>"
		Set catDB = Nothing
end function

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