Routers keep burning out....... weird?

So over the course of 2 months, I've gone though 4 routers, 3 linksys, 1 netgear.

Basically what happens is i will notice packet loss, eventually packe tloss will increase until the router is totally unreachable, no ping, nothing, dead.

After swaping the router for a new one, eveything is good again, until it burns out...

What is causing this? Obviously one of the ethernet connections, either client computer or internet connection...

How do you even start to fix something like this?
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I would have replaced the surge protector those routers were plugged into.
when you say "burning out", are the routers litteraly becoming faulty, or simply creating a degraded service? Presuming this is xDSL, what else so you have plugged into the telephone line?

Could be a few things causing it, however likely to be another faulty device connected to the line (presuming your already using a surge protector). You dont have a REN booster on the line by any chance?
expohlAuthor Commented:
Has nothing to do with internet connectivity, the switch portion of the router dies, no pingable, no link, etc.
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Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
no routing, no ping, no link - and it has nothing to do with internet connectivity??  ok then, lets look at whats in common with all the dead routers -
power-strip/surge protector, phone/cable (ISP) cable, ethernet cable & PC

For the most part, eveything seem point to your PC.

expohlAuthor Commented:
I've had the modem from the dsl provider swapped, i've added a battery backup to the router, i've replaced the switch that the pc's are connected too (10 pc's to 1 switch and then to the router). We will see how it goes..... this is a hard one guys..
I have had the same problem in the past. I am not sure about this, but this problem happened to me while I was using p2p applications like torrents. The routers I had were cheap, and I think they were not able to handle that many incoming and outgoing connections. I invested in a more expensive router, and it has been working fine for me.
Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
so expohl, what was your findings or are you still BBQ'd routers?
Press2EscSystems IntegratorCommented:
Hmmm. wondering if the router & expohl got burned out....  ;)

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expohlAuthor Commented:
So I started thinking that the issues started at about the same time that we added a new computer to the network. I decided to replace the onboard nic on the said computer with a pci nic and after that we have not had the issue again, weird eh?
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