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How to transfer Video from Sony Z1 to my PC for Video Editing

kevinb4940 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-13

I am buying a Sony HDV Z1E and I need some advie please.
How do I transfer my movie from the camera to my PC? Do I need a video capture device or can I just use my firewire port on my PC.
Any further advice for a movie making novice concering editing would be greatlt appreciated

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I would suggest that you download the manual.  You don't need a capture device.  The output of the Camcorder is digital.  The output is connected to the firewire port and controlled by editing software.  The brochure on Sony's UK site, says to check with them to see if your editing software will work with the camera.  It appears that only standard definition down converted video is transferred over the iLink.
Again, the cost of this camcorder should justify a look at the manual prior to purchase.


Thanks a lot. Your answer is just what I was looking for, I'm gonna give you all the points.

Just one more thing please? What editing software do you recommend? Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro? Can you use Final cut Pro with windows?

Wikipedia say Final Cut is currently only for Mac.  I can't recommend any professional editing software since I have only used the cheap stuff like Nero and Movie Maker.  That said, Sony Vegas would probably be the best choice for use with a Sony Camera.  When you purchase the Camcorder they will probably include a discounted offer for the software.

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