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Exchange Server 2007 Offline Address Book doesn't Synch In House

accucom asked
We recently added a new user which didn't show up in the Global Address Book for some users.  Troubleshooting the issue showed that in house people with cached exchange mode were getting an Offline Address Book synchronization error.  However remote users using RPC over HTTPS do not have the synchronization error and the new user shows up in the Global Address Book.

Under Client Access, Offline Address Book Distribution, the internal URL is
The external URL is https://mail.accucomci.com/OAB

Any ideas what I'm missing here?

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BusbarSolutions Architect

how do home users connect to the corporate network?


RPC over HTTPS now called Outlook Anywhere
BusbarSolutions Architect

But why is the home users are having the issue, while remote are not as they are all connecting using O anywhere


Ok sorry, there's a miscommunication there.  The "in house" users are office workers directly connected to the domain using Outlook 2007 with cached exchange mode.  The remote users (that is people who are using it from home) are using RPC over HTTP aka Outlook Anywhere.  The in house users users have the problem.  The remote users are fine.
"Under Client Access, Offline Address Book Distribution, the internal URL is
change this to https://aci-ex2007.accucomci.net/OAB

On the client side:

Open Outlook Ctrl-Click the tray Icon
Choose "Test Email Connection"
Click test.
the OAB url will probably be "Http://

Delete the users Mail profile in control panel
Open Outlook, allow autodiscovery
do a manual Send Recieve/Download address book
No Errors.

I had a similar issue, this was the fix I found on another site.  I forget the link though.


I have changed the internal URL to both https://aci-ex2007.accucomci.net/OAB and https://mail.accucomci.com/OAB then created a new profile in Outlook with autodiscovery and in both cases I continue to get the error in the synchronization log:

11:02:39 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:02:39        Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
11:02:39       0X8004010F
does this: https://aci-ex2007.accucomci.net/OAB  work internally when opening through a browser?


https://aci-ex2007.accucomci.net/OAB tells me there's a problem with the certificate, when I continue it prompts for a login, upon logging in with domain\username and password it says the website declined to show this website, HTTP 403 forbidden, the most likely causes are this website requires you to login

https://mail.accucomci.com/OAB does the same thing without the certificate error . . .


Ok I figured it out.  I have an SSL cert but the autodiscovery service needed to be pointed correctly.

Pointed the internal url to https://mail.accucomci.com/OAB then ran the following

Set-ClientAccessServer AutodiscoverServiceInternalUri https://mail.accucomci.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

That did the trick . . . it's under http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940726/en-us  as we have an older one domain name SSL cert imported from the old exchange server

glad it's working.
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