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Network / Disk Error

Hi there,

Our office is having some problems, our databse software is giving us a network /disk error. I have called there support and they told me to test the server. I checked the drives and they were faulty, replaced them restored data still same fault. replaced network cables, network card in server and finaly re-installed server 2k, still same errors. then the router refused wireless connections and then failed all together.

Now the server controls dns and dhcp, the router is just that, a router. my question is even though the router is only acting as the gateway to internet, could it be causing these problems with the net work?

One last thing, the error relates to no longer seeing the mapped drive (x:\) when i go to explorer i can't connect to x:\ drive, if i log off and on again all is well (for a while)

This is starting to drive me mad.

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It sounds like the X: is being disconnected after a given amount of time, causing your application to no longer be able to access data on the X: . Where does this X: map to? What type of machine/OS? On the same subnet or routed to another subnet?
Here's a microsoft KB on how to change the default time-out on mapped drives so that this disconnect wont happen:


The mapped drive points to the root of D drive on our windows 2k server, this has been running fine for two years now and this error only started last week. nothing has changed in the last month or two to cause this.

the router is on the same subnet.

I am in ofice just now, router would not connect to internet at all, replaced with anew netgear and the internet is back up now.

will have a look at the mapped drive time out issue and let you know.



ok tried changing the time out and still having the same problem.

also scanned all systems for virus and spy-ware using latest compile of a UBCD4Win, all systems and server clean.

any thoughts?


ok, if using the server from time to tim it almost looks like it has hung, say you are trying to open a file or download a file it just stops and you cant click on anything, then 1 or two minutes later it continues and anything you clicked on will open up.

this looks like it what the problem is, server hangs up for a bit and the clients cant see the shared drive, software reports an error.

As stated, new drives new network card, fresh installation of 2k server, new router new cables...

only thing is the data that is restored from the back up, although i have scanned this for a virus.

totaly stuck


Ok when system freezes (for awhile) cpu usage drops down to 0% and there is no memory activity or disk activity.

2 or 3 minutes later system continues as normal and cpu usage back to normal.
Well, looks like the problem is the latest version Eset Ant-Virus 3. uninstalled it and all has been well for the last 2 hours.

Went back to version 2.7 to see what hppens.


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