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kevin1478 asked
Hello Experts,

I have an MS Access 2003 database that records quotations and orders. I want to scan in a paper copy of an order so when a customer record is viewed in the database the scanned document can be displayed on the click of a button.

Can you please advise on how this can be achieved? Thank you.
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You'll have to somehow associate the scanned items with the relevant record. YOu can do this by adding an OLE field to your table and storing your document(s) there, but generally it's a bad idea to store these types of things in Access.

A better solution is to store the scanned item on the disc, and just store the path to that item in the table. YOu can use a label and set the Hyperlink property of that label to the document's path ... for example, if I have a column in my table named sPath, and a label on my form name lblDocPath, then I'd do this in the Form's Current event:

Sub Form_Current()
  Me.lblDocPath.Hyperlink = Me!sPath
End Sub


Thank you. Really appreciated.

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