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Office word slow in opening files

ilovekeat asked
In microsoft word program, whenever opening a file/folder, it will definitely slow down or hang up.

What is the main cause of the problem?
i have several network shortcut connection or network folder.

Please advise.
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Top Expert 2014

There are many possibilities, a few are:

   a large number of files within the folder
   the size of a specific file
   the file has links to external documents/items
   the file/folder is a share on a file server and the network is congested or slow, or the server is busy
Do you have Kodak Easy Share running, if so remove it.

Do your servers have static IP address?

Are you connecting by name:\\server01\paperless
Are you connecting by IP:\Paperless

If you are loading a large file ta control I have found that if you set the visible property to false and back to true after it is load there is a huge increase in speed.  Especially well in loading large grid.

I will normally have a large label 'Stand By...Loading Data' behind the control so that when it is not visible the mesage is shown, when control is visible the lable is hidden.

Do you map a drive, check to see if the file exists, etc...


The map network drive has static ip address and connection by ip address and name as well.

problem only happen at home connection but not in office.

Top Expert 2014


How do you connect from your home to your office?

Direct dial-up, Internet, VPN over Internet?

What is the bandwidth on this connection?  If you are using the Internet, we need the bandwidth of both your offices Internet connection and your home Internet connection.  If either connection is ADSL or Cable, we need both the upstream and downstream bandwidths.

If you are using Remote Desktop the default is 56K (Modem Card).

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