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How to use exchange server?

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Last Modified: 2010-04-21
Hi guys,

I have a problem, I have just installed SBS 2003 onto a server, now I am trying to configure the machines to work with the server. I have done the server/connectcomputer part on two of the machines and i have installed the appications such as Outlook 2003...

Now here is where my problem starts, I have not idea how to make exchange server work correctly, I have looked in tools>accounts>view or change accounts and I can see that there is an account called Microsoft Exchange Server and in the bottom left corner of this window there is a drop down with mailbox-(enter recipients name here), but where do i go and actually configure the account settings for this intended recipient?

Hope somebody can help me.

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As a quick start:

The mailbox is part of the Active Directory user. Go to Users if you have Server Management popping up, or go to Active Directory Users and Computers in Administrative tools.

There you will see about 4 exchange related property tabs.

To configure exchange itself you would use System Manager.

Actually come to think of it both of those will be located under Exchange Server on the start menu.

Hunt around the internet for Exchange for Beginners articles or go to a good bookstore and find an introductory book to read.

Exchange is a big big topic, there is lots to know.
Sorry just to clarify the exchange related property tabs are located in the Properties of the user. You will see Email Addresses, Exchange Advanced, Exchange Features  etc.


Just as sysreq2000 said there is lots to know.  I'm taking all the advice though and looking at tutorials and ebooks.  Thanks for responding so quickly.

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