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Free alternative to WebEx & GoToMeeting?

bemara57 asked
I'm looking for a free alternative to WebEx and GoToMeeting. Services that are used to share desktops remotely all thru the browser (no firewall changes, all thru port 80). It has to be easy and done thru the browser. I can't expect computer illiterate people to set up UltraVNC for example- really.

I found some free ones like Zoho Meeting and dimdim, but they are all for hosting a meeting, you can't take control or see the client's screen. The situation I'm trying to achieve is a client needs help with their computer so I want to remotely take over their computer and see what's going on. Anyone use anything good?
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Here is a link..

There are many solutions if its a one time job you can use logmein as a trial user to connect remotely.I think they give a 15 day trial..

Hope this helps...

Teamviewer from www.teamviewer.com can be tried for free for a while. All over port 80. Is really great.
You can use Yugma also "https://www.yugma.com/"

Microsoft SharedView - invite a participant by email, and they click on a link to join the session.  It is 100% free.  The host requires a Windows Live ID to start a session.

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