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DECT vs WiFi

Coolmain asked
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Last Modified: 2008-01-27
I want to setup a phone system at home for both PSTN and SKYPE.
However I want to limit the use of wireless signals.  Here is my thinking:

1) If I set up a WiFi network, then I am always exposed to the WiFi Wireless Network at 2.4Ghz.
2) If I use a DECT PSTN/SKYPE phone then I am exposed to the DECT Wireless Signals at 1.9Ghz, only while a call is in progress.

Am I correct in my thinking?
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1st thinking is correct, while second one is not. Even if you are not making any call from your Dect handset, those 1.9GHz signals will continously be propagating since the elecetricity is on, at the base stand. To establish a connection for making a call, your handset will simply catch those "already aired" 1.9GHz signals. To ve specific, in both scenarios, "there's no where to hide".
Furthermore, those wireless signals do not add up eachother. If there's one source, then you're exposed. No matter the number of sources.

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