deployment of 'changes' vs complete

Using VS 2005
i have relatively large website (500MB with pdfs and images) in one web project -
when i publish - this takes 25 minutes to compile and publish - and thus the site is off the air for that period of time (UNACCEPTABLE)
i want the site to be precompiled on IIS - when i make changes, i DON'T want to have to delete all 500mb and republish the whole site, just what changed.
So the only way i have found to support the 'changes' aspect is to publish the entire web app to my local IIS and then copy the changed files over to production....
Does this seem OK? are there any Gotchas to this approach? Is there a better (less manual) way to do this?
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Try to create a setup/deplyment project for the website...and build this one and run.
Int that project, you may chose what files you want to install and what files you don.t

Usually, the website dll must be always re-installed, but all the rest are optional...You can select them in the setup project properties...

quigleyryanAuthor Commented:
but then i'd have to run the setup program everytime that i make a change ---
in VS 2003 - you copy the bin directory and the aspx pages (which changed) and it wasn't a problem --- VS 2005 had to make it difficult

Ok, you can copy the bin directory and aspx files in 2005 too, if you want to do like this.


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